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Marketing, lead generation, customer retention… as your digital content strategy and development team we create, curate and promote engaging content that increases brand awareness and conversion rates. With a firm understanding of user experience, strong search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) skills, and the ability to compellingly communicate your brand’s story, customers and clients will be more engaged with your messaging.  Add the design sensibility to envision how content will be presented or distributed in formats other than web copy and articles, such as infographics or multimedia presentations, and you’ll reach a wider audience.


• Transform your ideas and visions into expertly written content that gets results.
• Delegate writing task, freeing up precious time, trusting deadlines are met.
• 20 years of business writing and digital marketing experience gained in executive, corporate, non-profit, small business, SaaS, and start-up environments.
• Receive personalized one-on-one attention from one project manager with highly competitive pricing.
• Enjoy a collaborative and flexible project experience that ensures you get precisely what you want, exactly when you want it.
• Benefit from a collaborative process centered on providing engaging material focused on your business goals.



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Rates and Policies for Content Services


These are the common rates and are to be used as a rough guideline. By the hour and/or by the project rates are determined after discussions with the client. Rates may vary based on several factors such as number of pages, complexity of subject matter, amount of research needed, specific design requirements and content development assistance.

For the purposes of the following rates the standard word count for a page is 400 words.

Research services are confined to gathering information via the internet. If your project requires more specific hard copy research or interviews this will be charged at a higher rate.

Writing consultations include review/critique of client’s materials, client specific improvements checklist for material and general writing skills, and some content development.


Projects charged by the hour include one revision within 21 days of the date of the first draft with further revisions charged at half the project hourly rate within those 21 days. Revisions outside the originally contracted scope of work will require fee at full additional hourly rate and include rewrites, adding significant amounts of information, additional research, changing the purpose/scope of material, and more extensive editing than originally agreed upon.


1. Consultation to gather preliminary information.  Creative Briefs are created for larger projects.

2. Scope of Work created outlining the project and includes deliverables, delivery date, project cost and payment terms.

3. Terms are signed and agreed upon, then deposit is paid via PayPal invoice.

4. Once deposit is paid work is completed.

5. First draft of ordered material is delivered to client when remaining fee is paid via PayPal.

6. Revisions, if requested, are made to first draft if needed per the terms of the agreement.

7. Any additional agreed upon work and fees in connection with revisions are added to scope of work, invoiced and paid when revised material is completed.

8. Revised material are delivered.


Clients who plan to have a sizeable workload for a period of 3, 6, or more months can hire a dedicated writer on retainer, with monthly invoices detailing work done.

Why have a writer on retainer?  You get lower rates, guaranteed availability and priority status for your projects. You work with a writer knowledgeable about your goals and products, who understands your audience, and is invested in your success. The longer you work together, a better understanding of expectations and results is developed which means better planning and faster turnaround with less revisions.  Retainer agreements are subject to availability and the minimum retainer is $1000.


Payments are made by PayPal through an invoice unless otherwise stated and agreed upon in terms of agreement. The security of your professional, personal and private information is a priority at SAY MORE! We use PayPal as a well-known and secure payment system that provides the service of paying or receiving money without revealing your financial or personal information. Read more about how PayPal protects the buyer at


  • We strive to provide services as described in the scope of work and if that is not possible a refund will be processed through your payment method within 5 business days.
  • If the project is terminated by the client after the contract has begun but before the work has been completed, SAY MORE! will issue a refund of the deposit/retainer less compensation for services rendered.
  • Refunds will be calculated by multiplying the number of hours worked on the project by an hourly fee of $40 and subtracting the total from the amount of deposit.
  • If compensation exceeds the deposit at the time of termination, SAY MORE! will charge client for the outstanding balance and send the client the work completed up to the time of termination.



Proofreading (1-10 pages) $10 per page

Proofreading (10+ pages) $.02 per word

Copy Editing* $.025 to $.04 per word (*depending on depth of editing need as determined by free sample edit)

Book Ghostwriting $15 to $25 per page

Writing – Nonspecified $.20 to $2 per word

Writing – Technical $.40 to $4 per word



Developmental Editing starts at $400 (depends on depth of editing needed)

Newsletter $125 (500 words) per newsletter* (content only)

Blog Post $55 to $125 per post* (content only at 400 words or less)

Website Content $75 per page (approximately 400 words per page)

Press Release start at $100 each

Product Descriptions $25 each

Magazine Articles $150 to $750

Book Reviews $50 to $100

Book Summaries $250 to $500 per book

Brochure Content $150 to $300* (no graphics)

Business Plans $350 to $1,000

Resume Packages $100 to $350

Writing Consultations $25 per half hour

Pre-Work Discussion – Free via phone or email

* Rates are for writing only – Graphics, images, design, layout, formatting, and distribution available for additional fees.



Consulting $80 per hour [Writing, Marketing, Branding or Communications Development]

Advertising Copy Writing $50 to $75 per hour

Copy Editing $35 to $50 per hour [5 to 10 pages per hour]

Line Editing $40 to $60 per hour [3 to 5 pages per hour]

Developmental Editing $60 to $75 per hour [2 to 3 pages per hour]

Fact Checking $20 to $30 per hour

Ghostwriting $45 to $75 per hour

Indexing $35 to $60 per hour [8 to 15 printed pages per hour]

Proofreading $25 to $50 per hour [8 to 14 pages per hour]

Business Form, Template and Letter $50 per hour

Technical Writing $50 to $75 per hour

Web content $40 to $75 per hour

Research $30 to $65 per hour


Fees and Charges

Rush 10% to 25% up charge

Down Payment is 25% for incorporated businesses and 40% for individuals/authors

*One article, press release, or page equals approximately 400 words for billing purposes, regardless of font size and formatting that affects physical page length variations. Longer page or article requirements will generally incur higher project fees than those noted above.