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At SAY MORE! we are passionate about communicating your unique value with engaging content. Creating solutions that propel our clients to the next stages of their success. Our method of project management ensures that you enjoy quick results, prompt communication and quality services that are comprehensive and effective.

As experienced writers, administrators, marketers, bloggers and online entrepreneurs, our writers understand your need for effective and authoritative business communications and web content.

We help you use your communications and web content to build your reputation and online presence, address customer and marketing issues, keep your brand top-of-mind, and earn the trust in your business that is vital for future growth.

We work with individuals, small businesses, startups, non-profits, corporate clients, bloggers, authors, artists and craftsmen to communicate their beliefs, products, services, and goals with both flexible monthly contracts and per-project terms.

Our goal is complete customer satisfaction and measurable results.

We understand that your investment in our services is a matter of trust and strive to exceed your standards on every project.  Contact us with your project details to find out how we can provide writing solutions that free your time, add value to your business, and provide solutions to your business writing needs.

About Chantelle Kadala - Head Writer and Digital Content Strategist

Chantelle KadalaWith over 20 years of business administration experience, Chantelle understands the need to deliver effective communication created with a true business understanding. With a creative and engaging style, she is highly skilled and extensively experienced at creating business communications that promote individuals, products and services in the best light while highlighting the client’s unique selling points. She leverages her past experience and successes to deliver powerful and persuasive writing that communicates clearly what you want to say.

“My writing process centers around making every project all about you, with an emphasis on creating quality work. I strive to deeply understand what you want and what you need so I can satisfy all your requirements with a professionally persuasive communication that gives you the best possible results for your investment. Helping you is my number one goal every day. An amazing customer experience, exceptional writing, and professional services that contribute to your growth are the pillars of SAY MORE! Services.” –Chantelle

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