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SAY MORE! Services works with you in an interactive process to create the best possible job search and self-marketing documents possible. Your resume and cover letter will bring out your unique skill sets and market your best abilities, creating a powerful and persuasive first impression that gets the attention of decision makers.


Stand Out From the Competition with Professional Resumes and Job Search Documents

Let our writers…

  • Create dynamic and compelling language for your professionally formatted resume
  • Effectively convey who you are and your achievements while impressing employers with a sharp and professional writing style
  • Tailor your resume for its target audience using human resources experience to capture the attention of hiring managers
  • Provide you with a revised resume within 4 business days and work with you for a period of 7 days on revisions
  • Increase your exposure to hiring managers by creating an informative and persuasive cover letter

All job search documents are keyword optimized so they stand out to both hiring teams and the resume search software utilized by many companies.





 Resume Samples


SAMPLE RESUME Banking Industry
SAMPLE RESUME #1 – Banking Operations


SAMPLE RESUME #2 - Business Specialist
SAMPLE RESUME #2 – Business Specialist
RESUME SAMPLE #3 - Customer Service Loss Prevention
RESUME SAMPLE #3 – Customer Service/Loss Prevention


Professional Resume and Cover Letter $190 (savings of $10)

Professional Resume and Cover Letter plus Linked In Profile Makeover $300 (savings of $75)

Graphic Interactive Resume and Cover Letter $215 (savings of $15)

2 Professional Resumes and 2 Cover Letters $350 (savings of $50)

For anyone wanting to target more than one job market and wanting to optimize their resume for the different type of positions, they will be applying for. You want each of your resumes to highlight what your desired industries are respectively looking for.

Success Package $500 (savings of $210)

This package includes a professional resume, an interactive pdf resume, 2 cover letters, thank you letter, follow up letter, reference sheet and Linked In profile summary & headline

*Packages are starting rates built on base rates stated above.


SPECIALS – Military Rate

SAY MORE! is committed to serving those who have served our country. In honor of our military servicemen, servicewomen and our veterans’ dedication and sacrifice, we offer a 25% discount on all job search documents and packages excluding the basic military resume which is listed at the discounted rate of $90. Please contact us for the Special Military Rate.



  1. Provide us with a copy of your current resume and the filled out Resume Questionnaire.
  2. After review, we will contact you by email with any questions or needed information to tailor your resume to your strengths and desired positions.
  3. You will receive a draft of your new job search documents within 4 days of providing all the needed information. If you ordered two resumes then your first drafts will be sent within 7 days.
  4. You will have 10 business days (M-F), not counting the day you receive your drafts, in which to make revisions to your documents. Included in your service is up to two revisions and unlimited corrections.
  5. At the end of your revision period, you will receive your documents as fully editable Word documents with the exception of Graphic Resume in PDF which is not editable.




Resumes starting at $125

  • Entry level/Student – highlight both your academic and professional experience $125 – 1 page
  • Professional – offers a clean and comprehensive job search tool showcasing your experience $175 – 1-2 page
  • Executive – concentrates on distilling your many years of positions, experience, and accomplishments $200 and up – 2-3 page
  • Federal – expertly meets the strict guidelines for federal hiring qualification demonstrating your knowledge, skills, and abilities and matching the specifications of the hiring agency $200 – 2-3 page
  • Military – familiar with military terminology and protocols, your writer will outline your military career in a language and format attractive to corporate hiring managers, preparing you for civilian employment. Perfect for members of the armed forces transitioning out of the military at all professional levels. $90 – 1-2 page w/ military discount

LinkedIn Profile –  Summary, Headline and Sections $200

  • LinkedIn is your online brand builder and a professionally written summary and headline shows your skills and qualifications, helping you build your professional reputation.
  • Using information from you and your resume we craft a profile that makes people want to connect and learn more about you – a profile that highlights your skills, experience, accomplishments, and personality.

Curriculum Vitae starting at $200

  • When applying for grad school, higher education positions, fellowships, and grants a professional looking Curriculum Vitae demonstrates your subject matter expertise. Frame your talents as a researcher or teacher to include publications, presentations, and interests painting a complete picture of your achievements

Graphic Interactive Resume in PDF $200

  • A visually appealing and interactive resume with eye-catching graphics and live links you are able to email as an attachment or post online for viewing. Especially useful for enabling fast interaction with online profiles, samples, and portfolios.

Cover Letter $25

  • A compelling cover letter generates interest in your resume giving hiring managers a glimpse of your soft skills and technical abilities, showcasing your unique strengths and utilizing a format that is easily adaptable to different positions. Take this opportunity to present a targeted argument for why you are the best pick for this job.

Thank You Letter, Follow Up Letter, Reference Sheet $20 each

Resume Keyword Optimization of existing non-SAY MORE! prepared resume $50

  • Review and assessment of your current resume and the current position(s) you are applying for to add the keywords necessary to catch the attention of Automatic Tracking Systems and Hiring Managers.  Includes proofreading and minor editing of wording and format.