Why Small Bussiness Needs Inbound Marketing

Imagine being able to take the money you spend on newspaper and magazine ads, or radio and television commercials, and put it back into your business.  That is a real possibility when you switch your marketing towards more effective and less expensive long-term inbound marketing strategies.

Why Small Business Needs Inbound Marketing Say More Services

Why Small Business Needs Inbound Marketing

Your Inbound Marketing Efforts are Working for You 24/7

With traditional advertising and online advertising, you are paying a set amount for a defined period for a guestimation of people who might see your ad.  And when that defined time period is over, or that one-time print ad or mailer has been distributed, that money is gone. The advertising you paid for is gone. You can start over and spend more money on a new ad or give up.

But check this out: With Inbound Marketing you have the opportunity to develop online content of value that brings customers to your website.

  • A blog post that answers a question EVERYBODY is looking on search engines for.
  • A free booklet or video that shows people how to do something.
  • A look inside what you do or customer success story that makes people feel good about your business.

These are the type of content pieces that draw customers to your website and give you an opportunity to demonstrate your expertise on a subject where they have a need.

With Inbound Marketing You Spend Less and Earn More

Developing and publishing this type of content on your website (AND optimizing it for search engines) is a long-term investment that works for you around the clock for as long as you have your website and the information is relevant.  And all this marketing cost you is the one-time expense of creating that piece of content.

Looking at the return on investment, HubSpot reports that the close rate on Inbound Marketing is almost 15%, compared to the 1.7% close rate for traditional outbound marketing.  Apply that math to the ROI you’ve seen from your traditional marketing and see if your head doesn’t explode.

Inbound Marketing is a Shorter Path to Sale for Customers

Here is the thing about ads: They are great for building awareness, but they suck for closing a sale.  It’s tough to get a person to see an ad from an unknown business and trust that business enough to click on their website or visit their location, much less make a purchase.

With Inbound Marketing you are GIVING something of VALUE to people.  That gets them to your website where you have other awesome content, demos, reviews, and testimonials that make them trust you and choose your business for their next purchase.


When you design and deploy content to the exact audience of people actively looking for help around the products and services you provide, you get skip several expensive and ineffective steps in the traditional marketing process.

That is why you should be building and Inbound Marketing Strategy that gets your business in front of people working on their next solution (purchase) right now online.

Want to Talk About Your Inbound Marketing?

You just got the quick summary on a big topic.  If you’d like to discuss how Inbound Marketing can help your business, give us a call at 866-419-3902 or send an email to SayMore@SayMoreServices.com and we can chat.

Read This Week in CONTENT MARKETING – Sep 17, 2017

This Week in Content Marketing SAY MORE SERVICES

This Week in Content Marketing SAY MORE SERVICESThis Week in CONTENT MARKETING – What’s new out there in the land of Content Marketing that is going to make you a better writer and marketer?

Content. Content. Content. It’s everywhere, all the time, unfiltered and unranked.

Much of it half-hearted and half-assed – just thrown at the wall to see what sticks.  Like a pig in the mud, this is where I live… blissfully covered in content whether good or bad.

When I run across something that could really educate, push, or entertain YOU, my clients and readers, I want to share that rare unicorn. So here it is… the best in content marketing content for this week.

If something is missing that can help other professionals (and even dabblers) reach their goals or if you’re sure something on here isn’t delivering on its promises LET ME KNOW! Real conversations are our favorite type of content here at SAY MORE!

Read This Week in CONTENT MARKETING – Sep 17, 2017

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Moo Deal This Week in Content Marketing SAY MORE SERVICES

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Read This Week in CONTENT MARKETING – Sep 3, 2017

This Week in CONTENT MARKETING – What’s new out there in the land of Content Marketing that is going to make you a better writer and marketer?

Content. Content. Content. It’s everywhere, all the time, unfiltered and unranked.

Much of it half-hearted and half-assed – just thrown at the wall to see what sticks.  Like a pig in the mud, this is where I live… blissfully covered in content whether good or bad.

When I run across something that could really educate, push, or entertain YOU, my clients and readers, I want to share that rare unicorn. So here it is… the best in content marketing content for this week.

If something is missing that can help other professionals (and even dabblers) reach their goals or if you’re sure something on here isn’t delivering on its promises LET ME KNOW! Real conversations are our favorite type of content here at SAY MORE!


The Best in Content Marketing for the week of September 3rd

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And content is a great way to do this. According to Conductor, consumers are 131 percent more likely to buy from a brand after reading content by that brand.

That’s a massive shift in perspective… READ MORE

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The Complete Guide to Video Content Marketing on Social via Sprout Social

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GOT Ruthless Content Marketing

The Game of Thrones Guide to Ruthless Content Marketing via Business2Community

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7 Steps to Grow a Blog Post via CopyBlogger

Last week I talked about how writers seem like magicians, because we have the power to create something out of nothing. An important point to note about magicians, though: They don’t really do magic. Instead, they study and practice specific behaviors until they can create that illusion of creating something out of nothing. And of course, all creative people do the same. We study and we practice our craft, making consistent improvements and (if we’re lucky) building habits that lead to more consistent output. Today will help with the “consistent output” part… READ MORE


You’ve got a lot to say…

Let us help you communicate the value of your products or services. At SAY MORE! we specialize in creating persuasive and engaging content from blog posts to training scripts and social media posts that compel action from clients, prospects, customers, and employers.  Check out our SERVICES to see how we can help you Say More!

Better Email Open Rate – 5 Tips

Better Email Open Rate

Email Open RateAre your subject lines, previews, and email content enticing people or do you need help increasing your email open rate?

There are few people who buy, much less take a bite out of a cake with ugly icing and no clue on what flavor of cake it is.

Your emails could be one of those ugly cakes, and to make it worse there are a million of them to choose from.

It could be chocolate cake, your favorite, but why risk it? It is the same with emails except that you are getting offered a hundred cakes a day. Which is actually, even more,

Make sure that your email has an enticing and informative subject line.  Plus it needs to be concise, it must get to the goods FAST, and deliver what you promised.

Increase Your Open Rate with Better Emails

Tip #1

Effective Subject Lines get Emails Opened

Construct brief, specific, and relevant headlines. Why would someone want to open this email? Get personal and use their name. Tell the benefit – reveal the surprise inside. “John this is the Networking Contact Sheet you need”.


Tip #2

Short, Concise and Packed with Good Stuff

It’s not an essay. Give the information they want and need and clearly.  But still supply a way for them to can contact you or link to where they can get more information. Your email is also not a full page ad about how great you are. If your email contains very little useful information and a whole lot of advertising readers will avoid you.  Your emails will get marked as spam, unsubscribed or just deleted without opening.


Tip #3

The Brain LOVES Bullet Points

If you have more than two things to say, break it up. Clearly separate those thoughts with…

  • Bullets

1. Numbers

Bold Lettering

…so the reader knows he can dig into the parts he wants without dedicating too much to your email. If they like what you are saying on one point, they are likely to read the rest and open your next emails.



Email marketing

Tip #4

Watch Your Tone Young Lady (or Young Man)

Perception is reality. This is especially true online where words are floating outside the confines of a deliberate context. Misunderstandings and assumptions are abundant online.  You’ll see a simple statement like “Americans are doing this all wrong” misconstrued as “I’m a democracy hating expat sick of lazy American ways and I’m going to correct what is wrong with your little minds.”

That’s a broad jump, but as an example it shows the easy misinterpretation of words. Be mindful of your audience by knowing their hot points and the issues they are sensitive to. When constructing your message write what you would say if you ran into this person in the grocery store instead of a sales meeting. Is your tone pleasant and appealing? If you can comfortably smile while saying the words out loud you are probably in the right tone.


Tip #5

Don’t Distract from the Message

You are a professional and your emails should be representative of that.

  • Professionals don’t have typos
  • Professionals don’t put every recipient’s email address in the “To” field for everyone to see
  • Professionals don’t reply all
  • Professionals don’t over use exclamation points and all caps
  • Marketo has an all inclusive email marketing checklist that covers just about everything you can think of atThe Secret Email Marketing Checklist

Take a look at what you are doing and if you aren’t getting the engagement you want from your emails make changes.  Big or small, there will be no improvement without change.


Don’t forget to download the FREE 2017 Marketing Calendar Template in Excel.

We’d love to hear from you.  Leave a comment or contact us!

Make Visitors Stay to Read Your Blog


read-your-blog-quick-tipIt takes just a few seconds for someone to decide whether or not they are going to stay on your website.

So how do you get people to stick around to read your blog?

You have to make a great first impression if you want visitors to stay longer.

To accomplish this a business blog needs to look professional, provide relevant and useful content, and be easy to navigate.

How Do You Get Visitors Stay to Read Your Blog?

Enhance the User Experience ♦ Better UX = More Time on Website

Providing a superior online experience means people stay to read and share your content, see what else you have to offer and subscribe to your email list for updates. But how do you create a superior online experience for your visitors?


No one will work at reading your blog. That is why you need to make it easy to for a visitor to navigate and find exactly what they are looking for on your website. Browsing should be a breeze and content should be organized in a way that makes sense. Anticipate your visitors’ needs and structure your blog intuitively to follow their read and search process.


Faster is better… period. At least on the web, it is and that is where you are doing business so you need to improve your site’s performance as much as possible. Few people will sit around waiting for your pages to load and even a one-second delay creates a perceptible dissatisfaction in your visitor’s experience.

read your blog SAY MORE Services


The average size of a webpage is growing every day but these larger web pages are slowing down sites which is bad for companies and bad for customers.

Mobile users are increasing every day as well but there is just so much small phone and tablet screens can handle meaning large websites can take a couple of seconds to load. Again, visitors don’t want to wait.

One of the quickest and easiest ways to increase your websites performance and speed is to reduce your images, especially those with high resolutions set for desktop monitors.

If you have pages that are unlikely to be shared on social media, remove all those sharing button images. Also, look at compressing your large files and photos and removing any page elements you don’t need.

Don’t forget to download the FREE 2017 Marketing Calendar Template in Excel.

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Super Simple Twitter Quick Starter Guide for Small Business

Super Simple Twitter Quick Start Small Business

Super Simple TwitterTwitter is not just for the “kids”. Small businesses are growing their businesses by using Twitter and other social networking platforms.  They are connecting with their customers and nurturing leads.  They are reaching out and increasing the awareness of their products, services and brand.

Social media marketing is one of the easiest, and cheapest, ways to market to your target audience of prospective customers. It also allows you to build strong relationships with current customers.  Think of that as Retention Marketing.  That’s why small businesses are doing big business on Twitter.


Twitter Small Business Stat

What is Twitter? (In case you didn’t know)

If you don’t know about Twitter here is the short explanation of a big deal: 

It’s a short message multi-media communication platform  that lets you publish small messages called “tweets”.  These tweets can be to 140 characters in length. People who follow your profile are sent those tweets in a constantly updating news feed on their home page.  These tweets can be read, clicked on, or searched for once you’ve published them. The content of these tweets can be text and/or links to web sites, images, video and even podcast. You can follow other Twitter users and their tweets will show up on your page like a news feed. 

You’ll want to get followers to make sure more people read your tweets.  But people can search for information in a variety of ways making it possible for people who do not follow you to see your tweets as well. If they like what you are tweeting, they will follow you to get more good tweets.  With over 300 million active monthly users, you are exposed to a large audience of consumers who could find your business is the solution to one of their problems.

Twitter Small Business Stats2

Set Up Your Twitter Account

  • Your profile is where you tell the story of your business and present your brand. That is why it is important to be as detailed as possible and fill out your Twitter profile completely. You want to be found off of Twitter as well, so it’s very important to remember to fill in your location and website. 
  • Stay consistent with your images, logos, and other marketing material to reinforce your other online platforms.  Websites, ads, other social network profiles should all match in image, tone and message. Everywhere people see your company online, there should be no second guessing if they are in the right place.
  • As part of your branding you will also want to stay consistent with your username and profile images. When choosing your username, try to stick as close as possible to your company name if it is not available. Also avoid odd punctuation that would make it difficult to type on a mobile device.
  • You get two images to support your brand so use them well. There is the Twitter profile photo that shows on your page.  But not that it also shows next to every one of your tweets. This is where you will want to use a head shot of a real person at the company (it adds a human touch) or company logo. Then there is the twitter profile header.  This large large background photo across the top of your page can be easily customized to further support your branding.
  • Your bio is the one or two-line text space in your header where you have to tell people what it is you do. As a business owner or marketing professional you need to be able to tell your story in 160 characters. Think of it as the elevator pitch of your elevator pitches. It’s a very short story. Approach it as either an intriguing teaser or a succinct benefits package description. Encourage people to either look for more information or go to the next thing on their internet path.

Learn How Twitter Works

Each social network has its own way of doing all the same things.  Take a little time to familiarize yourself with the way Twitter does things. With Twitter you have several options for communicating with people.

You can Tweet… this is the message that goes out to all your follower’s feeds and stays on your timeline.

SayMore_Twitter_TweetYou can Direct Message (DM)… a private message you send to another Twitter user and only available if that user follows you. Works like other messaging except you still can only use 160 characters.

You can Reply… use @OtherUsersName at the beginning of your tweet to reply to a message in a tweet that will be seen in both the feed of both your followers and that profiles followers. Example: @CKadala Thanks for giving me the link to local marketing tips.

You can Retweet (RT)… click on retweet button of any tweet you see someone has posted to send it out to your followers.

Twitter Quick TipYou can designate Keywords… by using the hashtag (#) symbol in front of a word with no space between the two in your tweets you can let the Twitter search engines know what your tweet is specifically about so when people search those keywords or topics your tweet will show up in the results. Example Tweet: Get all of your #copywriting needs fulfilled in one place. www.buffer.com/5i2k43. If you sent this tweet today and someone searches copywriting this tweet will show up in the search results. It may be in line with 30,000 other tweets about copywriting, but it will be there.  This is where frequent posting is an advantage for your business.

Become a Follower

There are two things happening with your Twitter profile: You are posting tweets and reading tweets from people you follow.

You will create a useless mess of random statements in your feed if you indiscriminately follow any and everybody on Twitter hoping some will follow you back. If they are not potential customers, partners, or leaders you can learn from there is little point in following them. To get the most out of Twitter make strategic decisions on who you follow.


  • If you are using your twitter for business, then follow people in your professional network, suppliers, vendors, partners, related groups and professional organizations.
  • Follow your customers, competitors and neighborhood businesses to stay up to date on what’s going on with them. Twitter has a “Find Friends” feature on the “Discover” page that will go through your email address books from Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and so forth to find the profiles of people you know. Also use the “Discover” page to find industry influencers to follow to populate your Twitter feed with useful information on things directly affecting your business such as marketing, sales, and services.
  • Use the RETWEET option to add another person’s tweet to your profile and send it out to be seen by people who follow you.

Become Someone to Follow

Here is the trickiest part of Twitter – figuring out what to tweet and how often. There is no one size fits all formula for the best way to do this but in general you should assume that people are not following you just to see pictures of your cats or get links to your website home page. Try to get a good handle on the fact that your post should be either educational (helpfully informative) or entertaining.

Basically provide valuable information or a good laugh for free.  Then, and only then, lightly sprinkled with tweets that market and promote your business. Something  near the 80/20 rule will keep you from over-promoting yourself. So if you post 21 post a week, then 16-17 of those should be useful tweets – four or five promoting your business, product or service.


Twitter Small Business Stat3


Business to business enterprises will approach this differently than business to consumer. Some will remain strictly professional while others will benefit from showing the human side of their business. The magic formula changes but the ideas is to give the people what they want so they follow you to get more of it. And do that without turning them off with over-marketing of your business.

A good way to promote yourself on Twitter is to provide useful content on your blog that you can link to on Twitter.  This sends people to your website to get the goods. If it’s really compelling content you can expect that person to click around your website and see what else you have to offer.

If you are stumped on what to write on your blog remember that people are searching the internet all day looking for answers to their questions. Answer the most asked questions in your industry to become the go to website for industry information. And link back to those post in your Twitter account to drive more traffic.

Now What?

There are dozens of tricks and tips for advance Twitter users, but this gives you the information you need to get started. The best way to learn the ropes is by trying and learning a little more everyday. It may seem overwhelming or simply silly at first, but once you get everything from the “why” to the “how” to stick in your head  you will be pleased by how little it takes to get more traffic, more leads and more customers with your Twitter presence.  Also take advantage of all the applications (some free and some paid) that allow you to easily schedule and promote your Twitter account.

Follow me on Twitter @Ckadala for daily insight on managing, marketing and growing your small business.

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