Better Email Open Rate

Better Email Open Rate – 5 Tips

Email Open RateAre your subject lines, previews, and email content enticing people or do you need help increasing your email open rate?

There are few people who buy, much less take a bite out of a cake with ugly icing and no clue on what flavor of cake it is.

Your emails could be one of those ugly cakes, and to make it worse there are a million of them to choose from.

It could be chocolate cake, your favorite, but why risk it? It is the same with emails except that you are getting offered a hundred cakes a day. Which is actually, even more,

Make sure that your email has an enticing and informative subject line.  Plus it needs to be concise, it must get to the goods FAST, and deliver what you promised.

Increase Your Open Rate with Better Emails

Tip #1

Effective Subject Lines get Emails Opened

Construct brief, specific, and relevant headlines. Why would someone want to open this email? Get personal and use their name. Tell the benefit – reveal the surprise inside. “John this is the Networking Contact Sheet you need”.


Tip #2

Short, Concise and Packed with Good Stuff

It’s not an essay. Give the information they want and need and clearly.  But still supply a way for them to can contact you or link to where they can get more information. Your email is also not a full page ad about how great you are. If your email contains very little useful information and a whole lot of advertising readers will avoid you.  Your emails will get marked as spam, unsubscribed or just deleted without opening.


Tip #3

The Brain LOVES Bullet Points

If you have more than two things to say, break it up. Clearly separate those thoughts with…

  • Bullets

1. Numbers

Bold Lettering

…so the reader knows he can dig into the parts he wants without dedicating too much to your email. If they like what you are saying on one point, they are likely to read the rest and open your next emails.



Email marketing

Tip #4

Watch Your Tone Young Lady (or Young Man)

Perception is reality. This is especially true online where words are floating outside the confines of a deliberate context. Misunderstandings and assumptions are abundant online.  You’ll see a simple statement like “Americans are doing this all wrong” misconstrued as “I’m a democracy hating expat sick of lazy American ways and I’m going to correct what is wrong with your little minds.”

That’s a broad jump, but as an example it shows the easy misinterpretation of words. Be mindful of your audience by knowing their hot points and the issues they are sensitive to. When constructing your message write what you would say if you ran into this person in the grocery store instead of a sales meeting. Is your tone pleasant and appealing? If you can comfortably smile while saying the words out loud you are probably in the right tone.


Tip #5

Don’t Distract from the Message

You are a professional and your emails should be representative of that.

  • Professionals don’t have typos
  • Professionals don’t put every recipient’s email address in the “To” field for everyone to see
  • Professionals don’t reply all
  • Professionals don’t over use exclamation points and all caps
  • Marketo has an all inclusive email marketing checklist that covers just about everything you can think of atThe Secret Email Marketing Checklist

Take a look at what you are doing and if you aren’t getting the engagement you want from your emails make changes.  Big or small, there will be no improvement without change.


Don’t forget to download the FREE 2017 Marketing Calendar Template in Excel.

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Make Visitors Stay to Read Your Blog

read-your-blog-quick-tipIt takes just a few seconds for someone to decide whether or not they are going to stay on your website.

So how do you get people to stick around to read your blog?

You have to make a great first impression if you want visitors to stay longer.

To accomplish this a business blog needs to look professional, provide relevant and useful content, and be easy to navigate.

How Do You Get Visitors Stay to Read Your Blog?

Enhance the User Experience ♦ Better UX = More Time on Website

Providing a superior online experience means people stay to read and share your content, see what else you have to offer and subscribe to your email list for updates. But how do you create a superior online experience for your visitors?


No one will work at reading your blog. That is why you need to make it easy to for a visitor to navigate and find exactly what they are looking for on your website. Browsing should be a breeze and content should be organized in a way that makes sense. Anticipate your visitors’ needs and structure your blog intuitively to follow their read and search process.


Faster is better… period. At least on the web, it is and that is where you are doing business so you need to improve your site’s performance as much as possible. Few people will sit around waiting for your pages to load and even a one-second delay creates a perceptible dissatisfaction in your visitor’s experience.

read your blog SAY MORE Services


The average size of a webpage is growing every day but these larger web pages are slowing down sites which is bad for companies and bad for customers.

Mobile users are increasing every day as well but there is just so much small phone and tablet screens can handle meaning large websites can take a couple of seconds to load. Again, visitors don’t want to wait.

One of the quickest and easiest ways to increase your websites performance and speed is to reduce your images, especially those with high resolutions set for desktop monitors.

If you have pages that are unlikely to be shared on social media, remove all those sharing button images. Also, look at compressing your large files and photos and removing any page elements you don’t need.

Don’t forget to download the FREE 2017 Marketing Calendar Template in Excel.

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The Unusual (but Important) Combination of Creative Fulfillment and SEO

This year on Copyblogger, each month has a theme — and in March, it’s search engine optimization.

That’s great news for some of you, and terrible news for others. If you’d rather eat a bug than think about SEO, you and I have much in common. On Monday, I wrote about some solid SEO advice that won’t have you contemplating a heaping bowlful of breakfast crickets.

I also gave you some simple, “you-can-totally-do-this” suggestions on Copyblogger FM. And on The Digital Entrepreneur, Sean Jackson and Jessica Frick talked with SEO wizard Eric Enge about how search optimization has matured over the years and why it’s still important.

On Tuesday, Beth Hayden gave us a little gentle, user-friendly advice on keyword research. Finding your keyword phrases shouldn’t be a robotic process — it’s really about learning more about your audience and how they think.

Everyone on the editorial team has decided that Stefanie Flaxman won the week, with a Loverboy headline reference on Wednesday, combined with the subhead “The eye-roll heard round the world.” Well-played, Stefanie. This is a great post, too, about why writing actually is a pretty cool and amazing thing to do with your life.

Today we also published a new pair of Content Challenge prompts! These are exercises we do together as a community to get better at what we do … and more productive so we can make more great things happen.

Keep those creative thoughts flowing, and don’t overdo it on the breakfast crickets …

— Sonia Simone

Chief Content Officer, Rainmaker Digital

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2017 Content Excellence Challenge: The March Prompts

Hey there, content geniuses — it’s March, and that means we have new prompts for our Content Excellence Challenge.

This is a yearlong community exercise in getting better at what we do … and more productive, so we can do more of it. (Or even accomplish something crazy like having a life.)

So, let’s do this.

The March Creativity Prompt

This month, we’re going to focus on actually doing our keyword research.

Not thinking about it. Not promising ourselves we’ll do it. Actually doing it.

Keyword research isn’t about making search engines happy — it’s about unlocking the language that your audience and customers use. Knowing the words they use will help you understand how they think and feel.

Check out Beth’s post from Tuesday for some simple ways to get started. Then you can move on to using keyword research tools, like Google Trends,, and the data from your own site analytics.

As you uncover words and phrases for your topic, think about how you’ll gracefully integrate them into your content.

Are the ideas you’re uncovering big enough for a blog series? A series of tutorial videos? Or maybe they’re important enough to become a new category on your site.

Keyword research actually produces a lot of creative ideas you can play with … but first you actually have to get the research done.

The March Productivity Prompt

I’m stealing this one (like I steal so many productivity ideas) from Cal Newport. It comes from his book Deep Work.

You know how Facebook is stealing your life? Or maybe for you, it’s Pinterest, or Instagram, or Twitter. Or it’s a game (ask me about my Pokedex) or some other fun activity.

Fun is wonderful. I recommend fun. But today’s fun activities are scientifically designed by fiends to steal every moment of your life.

To take them back, I loved Newport’s suggestion to schedule your goof-off time.

If you love Pinterest, don’t give up Pinterest. Schedule it. Decide on one or two good times of day to go look at photos of salads in mason jars. Decide how much time you want to spend with that. And put it in your calendar.

Even better, set up a recurring Freedom session, to set limits on the times you can actually access the site.

This can work nicely even if keeping up with social media is part of your work. It’s unhealthy and unproductive to try to keep your attention on a social site every second of the day. And yet … we try.

Instead, try scheduling those sessions. Then, when it’s time for you to have those political fights with your high school friends on Facebook, you’ll be able to really enjoy them.

Let us know what you’re doing!

If you get some solid keyword phrases uncovered this week, let us know in the comments! (You don’t have to let us know what they are, just an “I did it” works.)

And if you decide to take back your time and start scheduling your goof-off periods, let us know that as well.

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