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Say More Services is uniquely equipped to execute a full-funnel content experience that attracts, converts, and retains buyers.


The word “satisfaction” is not in our vocabulary, but we use “overdeliver” a lot. Since we know the value of our services and products, you should too. Our level of service may not be a right fit for every individual, business, or organization, and we want you to know that up front.

package PRICING

Helping is our happy place. We believe there is nothing better than empowering a person or team to do great work and giving them the tools to reach their goals. That’s our mission, and sometimes it can be as simple as a consultation or action-oriented session packaged with resources that get you to the next level.

Half-day Content Consultation (or)

Content Marketing Strategy Session
Start at $4,999

Content Consultations sessions and Marketing Strategy sessions are two separate services. A consultation will audit and find the gaps in your current content while creating a step-by-step plan to fill those holes. And a marketing strategy session will detail the content you need to feed your marketing machine to optimize performance and get the most ROI on your marketing dollars.

Maybe you don’t need to talk about your content, just how to use it – then you’ll want to talk strategy. We take what you've done so far with your content, then show up to your session with concepts, research, and ideas to fuel your goals, so we have a meaningful conversation and develop actionable next steps.

Both session packages include follow-up documentation such as research, schedules, templates, calendars, checklists, action plans, and how-to’s so you can get to work.

1-Hour Consultation/Coaching Session
Flat Fee $300 (Video or Phone)

These are actually blocked for an hour and fifteen minutes because I’m not going to charge you for the fifteen minutes spent telling you what I do and learning what you do and why you do it.

You’ll get a full 60 minutes of focused, growth-minded advice or AMA-style expert coaching on your content, copywriting, positioning, branding, SEO, digital content strategy, or launch. Really we could talk about anything you want, but at this price, leveling up your content marketing would be the best use of your time. I’ll prep BEFORE our session, and we’ll get some of your questions answered and problems solved!

Digital Content Strategy Package

Starts at $3,999

If you don’t love to talk about content all day like we do and just want it done, you’re more of a “send me the thing, and I’ll send it back, and then you fix it” kind of person. I dig that! (You’re secretly my favorite, but don’t tell the half-day session people!)

The Digital Content Strategy package includes a content audit of existing content, building out your customer avatars (buyer personas), identifying your brand and designating your tone so content matches, detailing your customer’s journey, validating keywords, and scheduling out an action calendar for reaching short term and long-term content goals.

You want all of this:
• Content Audit – what you’ve got.
• Buyer Personas – who’s ready to buy?
• Brand Assessment – who do you think you are.
• Identification of Content Gaps – you’ve missed a spot!
• Customer Journey – how did I get here.
• Competitor Content Analysis – learn from the best.
• Keyword Research – not common sense; it’s Google sense.
• Marketing Funnel Content Map – what goes where.
• Content Plan – creation, delivery, and promotion.


Words that sell. You need effective copywriting that convinces and converts, and we’ve got it. We study consumer behavior for fun and leverage it to meet your business goals as a profession.

Web Copywriting

Sales copy for one landing page (400+ words) starts at $599
Long-form sales copy for 1 page (800+ words) starts at $1,199
SEO copy for three web pages starts at $999
SEO copy for five web pages starts at $1499
SEO copy for eight web pages starts at $2,499

Each Package includes:
• Phone consultation to understand the core of your business and brand
• Concise identification of pain points, solutions, and unique selling proposition
• SEO copy focusing on keywords, titles, tags, and meta descriptions
• Keyword and long-tail phrases research
• Industry research, including brand, market, and competitors
• Standard 300 to 400 words per page
• Persuasive copy that engages readers and compels action
• Conversion optimized call to action for each page
• Two rounds of revisions (within 21 days)

*Note here that we do not offer page building or web design services, but we’ll gladly work with your web designer or landing page builder to format copy for maximum impact.

FUNNEL FILLER - Lead Magnet w/ Landing Page Copy & Autoresponder Emails

Starts at $2,499

Get your time-saving list-builder right here! Let’s fill that funnel with a lead magnet package that makes opting in a no-brainer.

You get an attractive, click-worthy lead magnet that solves an identified problem for your ideal customer, positions you as an expert, and builds a list of pre-qualified leads. With the lead magnet package, you also get landing page copy and two mockups of the lead magnet that will have readers jumping to give you their email.

PLUS… you can immediately start nurturing and converting your list as you help them down the funnel with an autoresponder series of three follow-up emails to first deliver your lead magnet and welcome them in and remind them why you’re the right choice to solve their problem while showcasing your most compelling offers.

Each Package includes:
• 60-minute kick-off call where we discuss your business and campaign vision/goals
• The right lead magnet, in the right format to attract and wow your ideal prospect*
• Copywriting for your lead magnet opt-in page (1 page with 350 words max)
• Engaging introductory 3-email series for your autoresponder
• Two eye-catching mockups of the lead magnet for the landing page or social media
• Zoom screen-share package delivery (upon request – if you want a walkthrough)
• Communication with your web designer for landing page optimization
• Email, text, or direct message for any questions throughout the project
• Two rounds of revisions (within 21 days)

*Already have a lead magnet and just need copywriting for the landing page and a short (or long) email series? Need keyword or competitor research to hyper-target your emails, lead magnets, and landing pages? Want help mapping out your funnel workflow? Don’t threaten me with a good time! I’d love to discuss custom pricing to match your needs.

Email Newsletter Copywriting Rates

Starts at $199 per email/newsletter

Aren’t autoresponders just the best?!! We’re all in on set-it-and-forget-it marketing strategies – especially ones with as high a return on investment as email marketing. Pre-set persuasive and helpful email campaigns for your hard-working 24/7 sales machine (that’s your autoresponder) with intentional messaging and calls to action that propel your subscribers through the funnel from attention to retention. Your subscribers will be glad they opted-in.

Each Package includes:
• 30-minute kick-off call where we discuss your brand, target audience, offers, and key messages
• Two subject line options and a compelling call to action for each email
• 400 words max for each and two rounds of revisions within 21 days
• Email newsletter packages have a minimum of three emails. (There is no max. Heck, let’s get a full year’s worth of emails loaded into your autoresponder!)
• Communication with you or your email designer for delivery and open-rate optimization
• Zoom screen-share package delivery (upon request – if you want a walkthrough)
• Email, text, or direct message for any questions throughout the project

NOTE: New clients start with a 3-email or 5-email package for quality assurance before committing to larger email projects.

Resource Content Examples

FAQ webpage content starts at $399
Case Study - $1,499 to $3,999
White Paper (or Special Report) start at $1,999
Google and Facebook Ad Copy starts at $199

BUT WAIT!... there's more

We’ve been at this content marketing thing pretty hardcore for over a decade, and we’ve done it all. If there is something content-related you want to get in your hands to grow your business, we should talk. Additional services include:

Amazon self-publishing | funnel building | branding | template creation | manuals and guides | explainer video scripts | frequently asked questions | knowledge base content and formatting | writing consultations & coaching | cold call and cold email scripts | course development and content | workbooks and workshop material | webinar scripts | infographics | presentation decks | ghostwriting | book coaching | developmental editing | social media content | speech writing | long-form sales pages | branded images | launch packages | handbooks and guides | local SEO expertise | white papers | case studies | press releases | ad copy | print copywriting | hands-free DFY blog management | content curation | printed marketing materials | media kits | press releases | event material | business plans


Commitment, sacrifice, dedication, perseverance – we admire that. We love to help people who are doing the good work get their message heard and their missions fulfilled.

We have discount pricing (20% to 50% off listed packages and sessions) for 501c3 documented non-profits and certified veterans, disabled, women, or minority-owned businesses. Have your document handy when discussing your discount because, like border patrol, we check papers.

** Read The Rest When You’re Ready to Get to Work **

We’re ready to handle your one-time projects. A one-time project would be considered an ala carte selection of our content marketing or copywriting products such as a sales page, lead magnet, or white paper. One-time projects will be priced 25% higher than our standard fees due to the additional time investment required to set up and complete a single project without a long-term or ongoing partnership.

1. Project consultation to gather preliminary information.
2. Scope of Work created outlining the project, client responsibilities, and deliverables - includes the milestones, due dates, project costs, and payment terms.
3. Terms are agreed upon, Scope of Work is signed, and a deposit is paid via PayPal, Zelle, or Check.
4. Once a deposit is paid, work on the project starts.
5. First draft of the ordered material is delivered to the client when the remaining fee is paid via PayPal invoice.
6. Revisions are made to the first draft if needed per the terms of the agreement (see REVISIONS section).
7. Additional fees (if any) are invoiced upon written approval and paid when revised, or new material is completed.
8. Client is super excited with their purchase and explores our referral incentive that knocks $100 or more off their next project when they refer a new paying client.

Down Payment is standard 30% for incorporated businesses and 50% for unincorporated entities.
Payments are made by PayPal, Zelle, or Check unless otherwise stated and agreed upon in terms of the agreement.

There is a 35% to 50% upcharge on rush jobs. Marketing emergencies are rare (and not a real thing). We don’t want to rush your job, and you don’t want to pay more, so we’ll work together to avoid extra fees. Hourly rates hover around Copywriting $150/hr., Ghostwriting $175/hr., and Web content $90/hr. And then you add in project management, documentation, client communication, and all that good (and necessary) stuff, and voila… pricing.

If the client terminates the project before the project deliverables have been completed, SAY MORE! will issue a refund of the deposit/retainer less compensation for services rendered and deliver work done to date.
Refunds will be calculated by multiplying the number of hours worked on the project by an hourly fee of $100 and subtracting the total from the deposit amount.
If compensation exceeds the deposit at the time of termination, SAY MORE! will charge the client for the outstanding balance and send the client the work completed up to the time of termination.

Yes, it’s the same size print – so technically not so fine – but no one reads this if it says “notes,” and you should know this stuff as well if we’re going to work together.

A FIRST TIMERS 30-MIN PROJECT CALL IS 100% FREE and carries ZERO commitment for you or us. Let’s chat, learn a little about each other’s content hopes, and dreams. Who knows, maybe you’re just not that into me… and that’s more than OK!
• Exact TURNAROUND TIME, DUE DATES, DELIVERABLES, AND FEES will be provided in your proposal (Statement of Work) prior to the start of services.
• Web pages generally have a LIMIT OF 500 words; however, some exceptions may apply.
• BASIC SEO SERVICES included in the content or copywriting packages above are not full technical or off-site optimizations. They include basic content analysis, improvements, and on-page search engine optimizations.
• TIMELINES may be subject to lead/waiting time, based on demand and client workload in the pipeline.
• These are my COMMON RATES and will be used as a rough guideline. By the hour and/or by the project rates are determined after discussions with the client. Rates may vary based on several factors such as the number of pages, complexity of the subject matter, client input, amount of research needed, specific design requirements, and content development assistance.
• RESEARCH for projects is confined to gathering information via the internet. If your project requires more specific hard copy research or interviews, this will be charged at a higher rate.
• WRITING CONSULTATIONS (separate from Marketing or Content Consultations) include review/critique of client’s current materials and marketing collateral, client-specific improvements checklist for content improvements, and general writing best practices, with some content development.
• REVISIONS. Projects charged by the hour include one revision of resubmitted works within 21 days of receiving the first draft, with further revisions charged at half the hourly project rate within those 21 days. Modifications that will require full rate additional costs include complete rewriting, adding significant amounts of information, changing the purpose/scope of material, and additional research or more extensive editing than agreed upon.
• “STARTS AT” pricing is almost always the price, but some people ask for extraordinary things, and extraordinary things cost more. If you’re one of those people, “starts at” pricing applies to you.• ONE PENNY LESS PRICING – I know, I know… all the “$99” price tags are visually annoying, but when our brain is convincing our hands to buy something in person or online that self-talks sounds like this, “I don’t want to spend over $200 right now, but this isn’t even $100 and has everything I want. It would be crazy NOT to buy it.” That is just science, and it works, so use it.


Engaging, search-friendly content is what we’ve been doing for over a decade. Let us handle the blogging and free up time to do what you do best.

Do you like no-commitment, month-to-month pricing plans? CAN DO! We just have a quick chat, rough out a content roadmap, and an experienced blogger writes engaging, SEO-focused blog posts readers and search engines love, including a conversion-optimized call to action. You copy-paste into your blog. DONE.

The hardest part is deciding how many blog posts you want to publish every month because this stuff is written to rank high for your keywords in search engine results, attract your ideal prospects, and wow your current audience.

Blog Content Packages

4 blog posts - $1,299 to start ($999 per month + $300 one-time new project set up fee*)

6 posts - $1,599 ($1299 per month + $300 one-time new project set up fee*)

8 posts - $2,499 ($2,099 per month + $400 one-time new project set up fee*)

12 posts - $3,999 ($3,599 per month + $400 one-time new project set up fee*)

Each Package includes:
• Dedicated content manager – same person, every time
• Well researched, keyword-focused, original content – minimum of 700 words**
• Website formatted (H1, links, etc.) delivery document for improved SEO
• Content that aligns with your marketing strategy
• Shared content calendar – schedule and topics
• 1 Royalty-free image per blog – with SEO tags
• Unlimited corrections and two free rounds of revision (within 21 days)
• Conversion optimized call to action
• Optimized headlines that are attractive to humans and search engines
• Customized packages and add-ons available***

* We like to reward commitment, so bundling quarterly and yearly blog packages provide discounted rates. OR… Get a two-posts tester pack without all the bells & whistles for $499 – we understand trust is earned and commitment issues are valid.

** Want longer than 800 words or more technical writing for your blog? Of course, we can handle that. Let’s talk about it.

*** Want social media posts to promote each blog post on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Twitter? We’ve got you covered. That’s an easy add-on that saves you even more time. (Just not TikTok or Snapchat – we don’t have experience leveraging those for business, so we don’t pretend as if we do.)

Blog Management

$399 per month

Do you want hands-free and done for you, on-page SEO and WordPress/CMS publishing? Yeah, you do. Get full-service blog management from ideation to ranking on Google with our blog management service. For each posts, blog management covers uploading to your CMS (content management system) such as WordPress, Wix, Squarespace), formatting for easy-to-read consumption as well as looks, and on page SEO such as keyword placement, titles, tags, and meta descriptions so Google loves your blog posts as much as readers do.

- Note here that we do not offer page building or web design services, but we’ll gladly work with your web designer or landing page builder to format copy for maximum impact.


The first month, we’ll work from the roadmap we built during the project kick-off call to select topics and slay your package deliverables. Then you decide if you want to continue with monthly packages. If (when) you do, we’ll build out a quarterly content calendar you have access to.

Stick around for more than three months, and you’ll have a bi-annual content calendar to plan out seasonal, holiday, and promotional content. If you don’t feel we delivered on our promises, give us 10 minutes to let us know how you think we could have done better in product or service, and we’ll quickly refund you half of your first payment… just like that. You can cancel or change your month-to-month plan anytime.

Ghostwriting / Self-Publishing

Welcome to our Ghostwriting and Self-Publishing Service!

Are you an aspiring author with a powerful message to share but struggling to put it into words? Look no further! Our Ghostwriting and Self-Publishing Service is designed to turn your ideas into a professionally written and published book that captivates readers and establishes your authority in your field.

How it Works

Consultation and Book Concept:  Our journey begins with an in-depth consultation where we get to know you and your book's vision. We'll discuss your target audience, book objectives, and desired tone to create a solid book concept.

Ghostwriting Process:  Our talented team of experienced writers will work closely with you to bring your book to life. Through interviews and collaborative sessions, we'll capture your unique voice and ideas to craft compelling content.

Manuscript Development:  Based on the book concept and your input, we'll create a comprehensive outline that forms the backbone of your book. Once approved, we'll start the writing process, keeping you updated every step of the way.

Revisions and Fine-tuning:  Your satisfaction is our priority. We'll provide you with two rounds of revisions to ensure the book aligns perfectly with your vision.

Self-Publishing Guidance: With the manuscript ready, we'll guide you through the self-publishing process on Amazon, ensuring your book is available to a global audience.

Three Customizable Ghostwriting/Publishing Packages

Basic Ghostwriting Package:  This package is perfect for authors seeking an efficient and cost-effective solution. Our team will craft a well-written manuscript based on your input and outline.

Pricing: $5,000 - $8,000 (depending on book length and complexity)

-- Initial Consultation: Detailed discussion with the author to understand the book's concept, target audience, and objectives.
-- Book Outline: Creation of a comprehensive outline to structure the book's content and flow.
-- Ghostwriting: Writing the entire book based on the provided outline and the author's input.
-- Revision Rounds: Two rounds of revisions to incorporate the author's feedback and make necessary adjustments.
-- Manuscript Formatting: Formatting the manuscript to meet Amazon's publishing guidelines.

Premium Ghostwriting Package:  For authors who desire a more personalized touch, the Premium Package offers extensive research and additional revision rounds to perfect every aspect of your book.

Pricing: $8,000 - $12,000 (depending on book length and complexity)

Deliverables (includes all items from the Basic Package, plus):
-- Extensive Research: In-depth research on the book's subject matter to add depth and credibility.
-- Additional Revision Rounds: Three rounds of revisions to ensure the book meets the author's vision.
-- Enhanced Formatting: Professional formatting and layout design for a polished final product.
-- Book Cover Design: Collaborating with a graphic designer to create an eye-catching and professional book cover.

Executive Ghostwriting Package: The ultimate package for authors seeking an impeccable book. Benefit from VIP support, extensive research, unlimited revisions, and an audiobook version of your masterpiece.

Pricing: $12,000 - $20,000 (depending on book length and complexity)

Deliverables (includes all items from the Premium Package, plus):

-- VIP Support: Dedicated account manager and priority access to the ghostwriting team.
-- Extensive Research and Interviews: Conducting interviews with the author and subject matter experts for a highly customized and authoritative book.
-- Unlimited Revision Rounds: Unlimited revisions to ensure the book meets the highest standards.
-- Audiobook Narration: Recording and producing an audiobook version of the book for wider audience reach.
-- Marketing Support: Assistance with book marketing strategies to increase its visibility on Amazon and other platforms.

Note: The pricing ranges provided are estimates and can vary based on the specific requirements and scope of each book project. The deliverables can also be customized to meet the unique needs of each author.